Lost Package Claim

Spring Meds does not take responsibility for Lost or Stolen Packages. Once your order leaves Spring Meds, it is now under the care of the delivery service that you chose.

However, in the situation of a Lost or Stolen Package, please contact Spring Meds immediately to report a Lost Package. A Customer Support Representative will gather the necessary information, and guide you through a Lost Package Claim.

Tips for Finding the Package

  • Remember the quoted shipping time from the delivery service you chose.
    • Free Standard Shipping (USPS/UPS): 2-8 business days
    • UPS Tracking / UPS Ground: 1-5 business days
    • USPS Priority: 1-3 business days
  • Check all received packages, as Spring Meds may change the shipping container.
    • a box or an Air-Jacket envelope.
  • Your medication may look different. Check your current bottles to make sure you did not already receive the package.
  • Check with any roommates and/or family members
  • If you live in an apartment, check with the Front Office.
  • Obtain your Tracking Number (from Spring Meds or by reporting a Lost Package Claim), then check with the local Post Office. Often times, the package is at the local facility, or a driver has it on the delivery truck.
  • Alert your Physician’s Office.
  • Call Spring Meds!

Lost Package Claim

  1. Customer must call Spring Meds and speak with a Customer Support Representative.
    • 1-888-305-1722, Option 1
  2. The Customer Support Representative will pass all information to the CSR Manager.
  3. The Manager will then lead an investigation along with:
    • Pharmacist
    • Senior Pharmacy Technician
    • Shipping Manager
  4. The investigation will include a claim from Spring Meds to the Delivery Service involved.
  5. If necessary, the Manager will contact the Customer for more information.
  6. Spring Meds will then decide whether or not to reship the package, or contact the prescribing physician and obtain permission to ship another fill of the medication.

Processing a Lost Package Claim can take up to 7 Business days. This time frame includes correspondence with the delivery service you chose, and allotted time for that service to resolve the issue internally. We will follow all rules and regulations from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, the FDA, each state’s current Law, and our own Policies and Procedures.