Terms and Conditions for Ordering Prescription Medications

Spring Meds prescription orders are fulfilled by HealthWarehouse.com. As a fully licensed and regulated pharmacy, located in Florence, KY, HealthWarehouse must abide by all laws and regulations concerning the dispensing of prescription medications. By this, HealthWarehouse will follow the strictest laws and regulations between our home state (Kentucky) and the state any prescription is being shipped to.

If you are purchasing prescription medication(s) by clicking on the "Place Order" button, you hereby acknowledge that you either possess a valid prescription(s) written by a legally authorized U.S. licensed prescriber that you will forward to our pharmacy's physical address, have a valid prescription(s) on file with another U.S. licensed pharmacy that can be legally transferred to our pharmacy, or have a reasonable expectation that your legally authorized U.S. licensed prescriber will provide HealthWarehouse with a valid prescription(s) for the medication(s) that you are purchasing.

At the discretion of HealthWarehouse, if you or your legally authorized U.S. licensed prescriber fail to provide HealthWarehouse with a valid prescription for any prescription medication that you have purchased from HealthWarehouse, your order will be subject to non-refundable processing fee in the amount of 5% of the purchase price but not less than $1.00. If your order cannot be processed for any reason after 45 days from purchase, it will be closed.

It is unlawful to attempt to obtain a prescription medication without you or your prescriber submitting a valid prescription to your pharmacy. HealthWarehouse will not dispense any prescription medication without a valid prescription. We also take fraudulent prescriptions very seriously and we will help ensure any person(s) involved with a fraudulent prescription are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Prescriptions must originate from an actively licensed prescriber who is in good standing within the United States. Based on the patient, prescriber, and state-to-state laws and regulations, HealthWarehouse reserves the right to refuse service to any customer and/or for any medication.

HealthWarehouse is licensed and/or authorized to sell prescriptions in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and will sometimes encounter situations in which the state we dispense prescriptions from (Kentucky) has pharmacy laws that differ from the state that you, our patient, live in. In these situations, proper and legal pharmacy practice is to follow the more strict pharmacy laws of the two states. Some examples of such laws HealthWarehouse will follow when filling prescriptions based on this practice include, but are not limited to:

  • Naturopathic Doctors (ND's) do not have prescriptive authority and thus cannot prescribe any prescription medications.
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN's) have limited prescriptive authority when writing for some controlled substances.

If this is an emergency or you need urgent fulfillment, we strongly advise that you fill your order at a local pharmacy.

If needed, a prescription reader and label translation services are available upon request for Oregon residents. Please email support@springmeds.com for more details.

Patient Authorization

The following governs the sales between HealthWarehouse authorized dispensary (the ”Pharmacy”) and the individual (the “Patient”) regarding the products and services (the “Products'') offered for sale by the pharmacy. The patient herein represents to the Pharmacy that:

  1. I am over the age of majority, and:
    1. I have fully and accurately disclosed my personal information and personal health information and consent to its use by the Pharmacy. I have had a physical examination by a physician within the last 12 months and do not require a physical examination.
    2. I understand that all Products shall be sold and dispensed by a Pharmacy operating within the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy jurisdiction and in a manner consistent with the laws of the United States of America.
    3. I authorize and appoint the Pharmacy, as my attorney and agent, to take all steps, sign all documents and to act on my behalf as if I were personally present and acting myself for the limited purposes of (1) obtaining a valid prescription for any prescription which I have sent to the Pharmacy; and (2) packaging my prescriptions and delivering them to me. This authorization shall include, but not be limited to: collecting and using my personal and personal health information as reasonably necessary for the fulfillment of my order, including disclosure to a licensed physician if required for the issuance of a valid prescription in the jurisdiction of the Pharmacy. This authorization may be revoked at any time and shall continue until I revoke it.
    4. I understand that the Pharmacy is legally incorporated and authorized by law to carry on business in the jurisdiction of the Pharmacy, and that I am purchasing medications that have been FDA approved for sale in the jurisdiction of the Pharmacy. Title to my medications passes from the Pharmacy to me in the jurisdiction of the Pharmacy when my medications leave the Pharmacy. All agreements reached or contracts formed with the Pharmacy shall be deemed to be made in the jurisdiction of the Pharmacy, the laws of the jurisdiction of the Pharmacy shall govern all transactions, and I attorn to the courts of the jurisdiction of the Pharmacy, which shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising between me and the Pharmacy, its affiliates, officers and directors.

  2. OR, I am the parent/legal guardian/caregiver/power of attorney for the Patient disclosed herein, am over the age of majority, and have full authority to sign for and provide the above representation to the Pharmacy on the Patient’s behalf.

By clicking on the "Place Order" button, you hereby acknowledge and accept these terms regarding the purchase of any prescription medication.